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All (Almost) in the Family Ch. 02

Post #1

"You two are disgusting!" Mark's father said to him as they sat at the kitchen table. Cindy was there too, trying to look contrite, while their mother made coffee. It was after three a.m., and none of them wanted to be there, but Cindy's and Mark's actions had caused quite a stir. Joel, Mark's father, was not one to let something wait until morning, he had to deal with things when they happened. There was no "putting off 'til tomorrow what can be done today." To say that he hated procrastination would be an understatement.

"Dad, come on, it's not like we're really related. We just kinda got a thing for each other, and got a little carried away, that's all. Besides, we've been known to hear you and mom whooping it up more than a time or two..."

"That's different!" Joel snarled. "What your mother and I do in private is none of your goddam business, and besides that, we're married!" He said this while making a mental note to himself to try to keep it down from now on, when he and the missus were getting frisky.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot we were still living back in the days of the Puritans," Mark said sarcastically.

"You watch your mouth with me, buddy," Joel yelled. "You're living in MY house and you live by MY rules, and whether or not Cindy is really your sister, it is an abomination what you two are doing, and you better not EVER do it again, you hear?!"

"How could I not hear?" Mark said sarcastically.

"Well you better take it to heart, or you're gonna be outta here on your ass."

Mark couldn't afford to leave home yet, so he wisely bit his tongue and held his peace. He didn't have a full-time job, was still in school, and at nineteen wasn't qualified to do much. But he DID know when to keep his mouth shut.

Cindy finally piped up. "Dad, really, we're sorry, but you know, we've both had other people that we've been with, and it isn't really all that big a deal, except that we made too much noise and woke you up..." she trailed off, seeing the anger in Joel's eyes.

"I don't want to hear about who all you have been with. YOU are NOT going to be with MARK because it is not right. I don't care if you are adopted, you still are his sister and that will not be going on under my roof in my own house, you got that, Missy?"

Cindy winced at being called that. That was the name Joel had used for her all the time she had been growing up, when he was really put out with her, and she didn't appreciate it being used now. But, she also knew when it was time to keep her own counsel, so she said nothing provocative, and instead just said, "OK dad, we're sorry. We didn't mean to put you and Mom through all this. It won't happen again, we promise."

"It better goddam not!" Joel snorted. "This isn't over, but it's almost three-thirty in the morning, and I want to try to get a little more sleep before I have to get up for work. Some of us really work for a living, you know."

Mark said, "We know, Dad, and we work too, we just don't get paid as much--at least not yet."

"Smartass," Joel grumbled, getting up from the table and heading for bed. "I raised a freaking horndog smartass for a son. Judas H. Priest," he mumbled as he climbed the stairs toward his bedroom.

Cindy got up and said, "I'm going back to bed too." She looked over at her mom, who was just sitting down with a fresh pot of coffee. "Don't worry, I'll be alone this time."

Julie, her mom, said nothing. She poured herself a cup and offered some to Mark.

"No thanks, I have to try to get a little more shuteye myself, mom. Goodnight. Sorry bursa escort bayan about all this."

"Mark?" she said as he left the room.

"Yeah, mom?" Mark said, returning, looking at her questioningly.

"Don't push your father. He can be ruthless when he wants to be."

"Don't worry, I won't," he said, then headed up to his own room.

The next afternoon, as Mark was leaving for work, he saw Cindy parking her car at the curb in front of the house, and she was waving at him frantically. He stopped and waited for her to approach his pickup. She was dressed in one of his favorite summer outfits--a low-rise, pleated denim micro-mini-skirt, white midriff-baring tank top and white sandals. Her long, dark brown hair was loose and unfettered, flowing freely in the afternoon breeze.

"What's up, horny little sis," he asked playfully.

"Mark, don't go yet. I need to talk to you."

"I can't be late for work--you can ride in my truck with me if you want, them take your chances on getting a ride back, but I have to go now."

"OK," she said, opening the passenger door and climbing into the seat beside him. "Go, then."

"What's so important, Cin?" Mark asked as he drove out of their neighborhood toward town.

"We can't let Dad keep us apart like this, he doesn't have the right," she said.

"He can't keep us apart, and he's not going to," Mark said reassuringly. "Tell you what, when I get to work, you take the truck and go back home, or go do whatever you want, I don't care--just come and pick me up when I get off at eleven thirty. And wear that outfit for me," he smiled.

As she rode next to him, she began to heat up with anticipation about being with Mark again, like they were last night. Her pussy was tingling as she thought of him, and how he had made love to her, kissing her all over, his big hard cock going in and out of her like a pounding piston. The first bit of fluids from her arousal began to manifest themselves, and she felt the wet slipperiness starting to ooze out. She looked at Mark, and when she saw he was looking at her she slipped her hand down between her legs, pulling aside the crotch of the tiny, red thong panties that she had worn just for him, and began to softly and gently massage her clit. She leaned back in the seat and widened the gap between her legs as she wiggled her fingers over her womanhood, teasing her labia and vulva.

Mark looked at her incredulously. "What are you doing!?" he asked in astonishment.

"I'm thinking about last night, and thinking about being with you again tonight, that's what I'm doing," Cindy said, her breath catching as she teased herself with her hand.

"Cindy, we're driving in public. People can see."

"You're as big a prude as Dad," Cindy said, never missing a beat with her probing fingers.

"NOBODY'S as big a prude as Dad," Mark countered, as he looked over at Cindy again. Her tiny pleated skirt was hiding nothing from him as she played with her pussy. He was starting to get a swelling in his jeans watching her as her hips began to slowly undulate against her hand.

"Damn, Cindy, you gotta stop this. You're getting me turned on, and we're in traffic here. I'm gonna have a wreck."

Cindy didn't say anything; she just smiled at Mark and kept masturbating as he drove down one of the town's busier streets. She began to breathe a little harder as she became more turned on, and Mark could see a growing wet spot in her panties. She leaned back and spread her legs further apart, and pulled aside the narrow gorukle escort crotch of her thong, then slipped first one, then a second finger inside of her. She began to ease them in and out of her, and as she did her hips rocked more forcefully against her hand.

The swelling in Mark's pants was increasing. He could hear Cindy's breathing speeding up and becoming noisier as she got more turned on, and he watched her out of the corner of his eye as she masturbated with more and more fierceness. He turned to look at her head-on at every opportunity, and saw her face and neck turning red from arousal. He wanted to join in, to just pull over and jump on top of her, but he couldn't. He just had to keep driving and hope that nobody else around him was on to what she was doing.

"Oh Mark, ooooh Mark," she moaned between panting breaths, "I'm thinking about you last night, how you licked my pussy, how you drove your big hard cock into me, ohhhh baby it's driving me crazy."

The pickup kept moving through the afternoon traffic, and soon they were in the industrial part of town. Mark's job was at a lumber warehouse, driving a forklift and unloading trucks. His shift started at three, and it was now two forty-five. He was barely going to make it on time, but now he had this distraction to deal with. The closer he got to work, the more worked up Cindy was getting, and he was getting pretty hot and bothered now himself. He had to force himself to keep his eyes on the road as Cindy slid her free hand under the bottom of her belly-baring tank top and began to massage her breasts. Her pelvic gyrations were increasing, and she was moaning again, like she had the night before when he had taken her for the first time.

"Ohhhh....FUCK!!" Cindy cried out in sweet agony. "Mark, I want you so bad, please...please find a place, anyplace, I don't care. I gotta fuck you NOW!"

Mark had no choice. She was driving him up the wall as she made love to herself in his truck. He hastily picked up his cell-phone and made a quick call to work, explaining that he would be late due to a problem with his pickup, and that he would be in ASAP. Meanwhile, he was desperately looking for a place to park and take this girl in relative privacy.

Mark was just about to give up, stop his vehicle and do her right in the middle of the street, when something caught his eye. It was the old Catholic high-school baseball field, abandoned and neglected when the school had relocated to a newer, more upscale part of town. The land had been purchased, and would soon have a nice new factory or warehouse built over it, but for the time being it still stood, with its accompanying dugouts and concession stands. The property had been posted "Private" and "No Trespassing," but there was no-one around this area that he could see, and he was willing to take the risk.

He drove around the field until he found the access gate, and as he had figured, it wasn't locked. He drove his pickup over to the nearest dugout, and parked in front of it, providing some cover for the open end of the three-sided structure. Mark was betting on the fact that his truck was a newer, plain white F-150 with a toolbox in the back, and that anyone who saw it would figure it belonged there. He reached behind the seats and pulled out a blanket that he had stowed for emergencies (he figured this qualified as one) and led Cindy to the dugout.

Once inside, Mark spread the blanket over the long, wide bench that ran the length of the dugout.

Wasting no time, Cindy yanked bursa merkez escort bayan off her panties and sat on the blanket, and leaned back against the back wall. She spread her legs wide and began to masturbate again, shoving her fingers in and out hard and fast. She pulled her feet up off the floor and planted them on the bench, one on each side of her, and hoisted her ass up off the bench, shoving herself into her hand and its probing fingers.

Mark unfastened his jeans and yanked them down along with his briefs, then kneeled in front of her, watching in fascination as her hand and fingers worked away, her pussy dripping syrupy drops of love juice onto the blanket under her. Unable to contain himself any longer, he dove into her love cauldron, licking and sucking her flowing juices, tonguing her swollen clit. Cindy yelled out in pleasure as he sucked her pussy, and rocked her pelvis harder and faster than ever.

As he sucked on her juicy, writhing cunt, Mark reached out and slid her cropped tank-top up, baring her breasts. He began to fondle them, squeezing her nipples and kneading their supple flesh while he orally copulated with her. Cindy was on fire, breathing in noisy, ragged, uneven bursts as his mouth and tongue sent shocks of pleasure through her body.

"Oh, god, baby, please, you have to fuck me NOW," she wailed pleadingly.

Mark moved up, kissing her belly and tits, then sat on the bench next to her. He grabbed her and pulled her over to him, until she was sitting on his lap facing him, her legs straddling his torso. Cindy impaled herself on his throbbing shaft, her hot, drenched, quivering pussy sliding down until she hit his pubic bone. She began to bounce up and down on him with enough force that the entire structure was shaking. Mark cupped her breasts in his hands and pushed up into her with each of her downward strokes, then leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth.

Cindy kissed him back with a forcefulness that almost knocked him off balance. She wrapped her arms around him tightly and ground into him with all her strength, feeling his cock rubbing against her pussy walls. Mark let go of her tits and grabbed her ass, his fingers probing her anus as she moved and rocked on top of him.

Unable to hold back any longer, Cindy let herself cum, and she came hard. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide, crying out, screaming out her sexual relief. Mark let go of his seed, and it streamed into her as he kept pumping his love muscle into her furthermost recesses. He felt, as he had the night before, her vaginal contractions milking him, milking his cock of every last drop that he had to give. Cindy was bouncing hard, her breasts flopping around unrestrained, lost in the midst of her furious orgasm, her cries becoming hoarse wails as she became more breathless and winded from her physical efforts. Mark kept grinding up into her, until he was finally spent, and Cindy gradually wound down and fell into his arms, an exhausted heap.

"I hope I didn't make you too late for work," she panted as she held him and showered him with little kisses.

"I can afford to be late once," Mark said, trying to regain his own breath. "Let's not make a habit of it, though. I need this job to help get me through college."

"It'll never happen again," she said with a twinkle in her eye. "I promise. We just have to work out a way to get around Dad, then we won't have to sneak around like this."

"Give me a little while to work on it, I'll think of something," Mark promised. They gave each other one last long kiss and embrace, then prepared to leave the dugout, hoping like hell that no one had seen or heard what they had been doing.

It was going to be an uphill battle for them to be together the way they wanted, but they were prepared to fight. They would need that fighting spirit, because more obstacles lay ahead.
20 Kasım 2023, at 21:09


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