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A Housewife Ch. 04

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Edited by notemale.


It has been my wish to write a story about pure exhibitionism with less sex actions. This chapter will have less hardcore actions, although the other parts remain hard, if you know what I mean.

My path to be an exhibitionist seemed unstoppable!

Every day I become bolder in the outfit that I wear and how I show off to people. Men who came to my house for deliveries or services have seen me in various type of sexy outfits and at various states of exposure. A few men have even had heated experience with me.

My hubby has become more aware of my exhibitionistic nature and so far has been appreciative about it. But he was not aware of my sexual experiences with a few men. I was still too fearful of telling him. Fear because I do not know how he would think about it. However I did not feel guilty as I did not considered those as acts of betrayal. Yes, you may want to argue that it was betrayal, that's all up to you.

I still love him.

Just as I am an exhibitionist that could not resist showing off to men, at the same time I have noticed my submissive side. I could not resist men taking advantage of me, sexually.

Yes, what I did was immoral and betrayal by all measures of my society. However I think it is only that our society has not only denied the existence of exhibitionists like me, but also failed to admit and accept submissive like me.

And I also do not know if my hubby would accept a submissive like me, accept his wife being taken by other men simply because she could not resist and worse of all; because she enjoys it.

Perhaps only time will tell.

My path to be an exhibitionist continued.

One morning the doorbell rang but nobody was there when I checked the gate. However, one nicely wrapped small box was left at the gate. A small card attached written 'To Michelle, I hope you like it. '.

I was curious while carrying the box from the gate back into the house. I opened the box the moment I closed the door. The box contained a pink spaghetti tank top and a floral mini skater skirt.

The tank top was very soft, thin, stretchy, and... sheer.

It was very strange to receive such a suggestive clothing without any apparent reason. At the same time, I was excited and I just could not wait to go back to my bed room.

I removed my shirt and put the pink top on.

The smooth thin top hugged my body, wrapping it like a second skin, revealing every shape and curve of my body, but my bra was completely outlined. I decided to remove my bra and try the top again. The top was very thin. Every inch of my upper body was revealed, including the details of my areolas and nipples. It was very sheer!

Not just the shapes and curve of my breasts were visible, even the color of my like brown areolas and nipples were obvious!

I saw my nipples quickly erect underneath the thin top... Where am I going to wear this top?

I then removed my shorts to try out the skirt. I hesitated awhile... no panties!

So I removed my panties before putting on the skirt. The mini skater skirt length was slightly above mid-thigh, not very short but short enough to make me feel vulnerable for being without panties.

I went back to check myself out in the mirror.

Oh shit! Too young for me... too sheer... to slutty!

But I felt so sexy wearing this outfit from the stranger. The top displayed my upper body totally and the skater skirt displayed my slender legs and flowing effect of the skirt just made me feel like I am at the verge of exposing my private parts when I walk. I felt so erotic!

Then the delivery boy Prakash came to my mind. He would be delivering my order later today. He has been a perfect partner in my exhibitionism. He did his weekly delivery to me and he usually came to my place last so that he could spend time, chit-chatting and watching me arranging my groceries in the kitchen. And usually I would be wearing something sexy just to satisfy myself.

So I wore that sheer thin top and the skater skirt to greet him.

His very first response when I opened the gate at the back yard was mesmerizing and giving me a thrill down my spine!

He was shocked and his jaw dropped when he saw me.

"Anything wrong Prakash?" I asked him.

"No No... Nothing."

His eyes were staring at my chest. My nipples instantly stiffen.

"Come in."

He drove his bike to the door leading to the kitchen and began to unload the groceries.

I went back to the kitchen and began to arrange my items into the cabinet and fridge while his eyes were glued to my body.

I pretended like nothing was out of the ordinary and ignored his stares like I usually did in the past. I was even talking to him without looking at him, otherwise he would have to have eye contact with me and thus interrupt his viewing.

My aroused nipples grew even longer and bigger underneath the sheer thin fabric, and the complete outline of my nipples and areolas were revealed.

"Very nice top you are wearing today madam." He finally breaks görükle escort the silence.

"Oh thanks Prakash."


"I love it, just that... do you think the top is too thin? I mean too transparent?"


"Ya, I mean am I showing too much of my skin wearing this top without bra?"

He did not answer.

I finally faced him and we established eye contact.

"Prakash, I think we are friends enough for me to ask you this question... I am a bit worried about the top... can you see my nipples?"

He was shocked by my direct question and he looked away.

"Don't worry Prakash... you are my friend. Let me know honestly. I don't want to wear this if you think it's inappropriate and later embarrassed myself."

"Come Prakash... take a look and tell me... don't worry."

I talked as if he has never look at my chest.

I walked closer to him and tugged the hem of my top down, making the thin fabric stretched even thinner. I felt my nipples poking through the fabric.

"Ahhh... I think not, really."

"Not really? Not transparent?"

"I mean yes... it's transparent. But not much."

"So it's transparent... shit! Are my nipples showing? Can you see my nipples?"

After so many times of me showing off to him and him watching me, I finally broached the topic about our showing off games, my showing off games rather.

"Yessss... I mean no... Not a lot actually." He was getting very anxious about giving me his honest answer.

I was getting more aroused.

"I can see that you are not wearing bra... I can see the shapes of your breasts and... Little bit of your nipples... not really just the shape of it."

He was obviously lying about my state of exposure.

"Phew...! I thought I might appear practically naked in this top... cause I really feel like naked wearing this thin top."

"No worries madam... you are fine. Wearing it at home is fine. You are just sexy!"

"Great! Thanks for your honest answer. So I can continue wearing it."

"Now let me put this instant noodle into the top cabinet." I pulled the step stool over and climbed up.

Usually I just have to climbed up 2 steps and stretch my hand to reach inside the cabinet. But today I took another step up and stood on top of the step stool. And I purposely leave the packets on the kitchen top.

I opened the cabinet and put the first packet inside, I bent down without bending my knees to reach the packets on the kitchen top.

The hem of the skirt rose up and my bare bottom became completely exposed to Prakash who stood at the other side of the kitchen island. I don't know how much he could look up my skirt but I was sure the hem rose past my naked pussy.

My wet, swollen, excited pussy was completely exposed! And I think this was the first time Prakash saw my pussy completely naked!

"Is this what he was hoping to get by giving me this outfit?" I asked myself.

Another packet and I stepped one leg on the kitchen countertop pretending to find more balance. In turn my thighs spread and could feel my swollen lips part and my pussy crack open wider, exposing my soaking wet inner lips.

"Oh fuck! What am I doing?" I scolded myself.

One last packet to go and I could not let this opportunity go. I pretended to brush away something on my skirt, then tidying up my skirt and pulling my skirt even higher up my waist. I bent down again and purposely pushed the packet into the sink using my leg. I then have to bend down even more to retrieve the packet!

I knew this was not proper womanly behavior, I knew this was not ladylike posture, because the hem rose high up exposing my pussy again, and this time exposing my anus too.

"You are such a shameful slut... showing your dirty ass hole to a young man!" I scolded myself again in my mind. However, a thrill of satisfaction swept through my body knowing that he could see my whole naked bottom.

Suddenly I lost my balance and the packet dropped and I reached to the cabinet for support. Prakash sensed my danger and he quickly came over to support me.

He held my hips and his face was so near to my exposed bottom. A small orgasm rolled through me as Prakash was watching my exposed pussy and my ass hole.

Now he could study my most private parts in great details, my most private parts that my hubby loves to kiss, lick and fuck. My face flashed as I feared that he could even smell my aroused pussy.

"Oh YES... Young man, look at my pussy? So wet! So swollen! Look my asshole!" I screamed inside my mind!

"Are you OK madam?" Prakash brought me back to reality.

"Thanks Prakash. I am fine. Just let me finish."

Eventually I gathered my strength and completed my job with Prakash looking up my skirt.

On the way out I decided to confirm my suspicions.

"Prakash, honestly... do you like watching girls... or a woman like me wearing sexy things like this?"

"I don't understand madam?"

"Wearing a sheer top and a short skirts... like this."

"Michelle... bursa sınırsız escort bayan you are very sexy... certainly I like..."

"Honestly did you ever buy this kind of clothing for lady?"

"Buy... NO NO... you must be kidding me... why would I..."

"Never mind, forget it. Thank you very much for the delivery. Bye."

"Welcome madam... see you."

Perhaps It's not him sending me the outfits, I told myself.

Later that night I wore it when my hubby came home. He really loved the outfit but did not show any signs that he sent me the outfit.

Who is the sender?

Two weeks passed and I have put the question behind me.

Then one day the doorbell rang and another box appeared. My heart pumped so fast while carrying the box from the gate back into the house. Same note attached to the box; "Michelle, I hope you like this one too".

My hubby don't usually call me Michelle.

My heart pumped so fast while carrying the mystery box from the gate back into the house.

It was a singlet.

I took out the singlet and made a details examination. It was a red, loose, knit singlet. Holding that singlet at my hands my heart started to pump harder and my breathing get heavier. I could feel the excitement that rose fast within me. Because I have never worn a singlet like this, also it was the erotic thought that someone sent this skimpy singlet to me.

I rushed back to my bedroom and removed my shirt to try it on. The singlet fit pretty nicely onto my frame. I examined myself wearing the singlet in front the mirror. The singlet was long enough to cover my bottom. It has large armholes that exposing the side of my chest and my bra.

I removed my shorts to see how low the singlet could cover my lower body. It covered my buttock nicely with a few extra inches covering my thigh.

After a few more turns in front of the mirror I found support for the little showoff voice deep down my heart that the bra was awfully and ruined the view. I looked around my room to check if anyone was watching. I was silly because I was alone at home, perhaps there was feeling of guilt inside me.

My hands were shaking lightly due to my excitement. I removed my bra and put on the singlet again.

The armholes ended slightly below the base of my breasts and the large wide armholes reveal partly the swell of my breasts. I lifted my hands up as if to tidy up my hairs, the singlet cling closer to my chest but still the swell of my breasts were obviously exposed. My pussy became moist seeing myself in the mirror.

The plunging hem line only covers half of my breasts, I swayed my chest side to side to see how well the singlet could envelop my breasts.

I climbed up my bed and knelt on all four. The singlet dropped down and so did my breasts. I looked at myself at the mirror, almost the whole side of my dangling breast was exposed except my nipple. I crawled a few steps and found that the singlet dropped lower in sync with my movement and revealed my nipple repeatedly. The light frictions between my breasts and the singlet aroused my nipples further.

My mind kept wondering, who sent me this singlet? How much he knew about me? Is this what he wanted to see or imagine? Where is he now?

I stood on my knees and examined myself in the mirror again, repeatedly turning to the side and my back. My bare thighs were nicely displayed.

I pulled up the hem to look at my panties wrapped crotch in the mirror.

Does he want me to wear my panties? What type of panties he prefers? Or maybe he prefers me go pantiless? My hearts pumped faster and harder with all the questions going inside my head and the view of myself in the mirror.

The singlet was long enough to cover my bottom completely. Maybe I can go without my panties, I told myself. So I removed my panties and looked at myself again in the mirror.

I became very excited and I could not help but to touch my pussy and breasts underneath the singlet.

Is this how he wanted to see me wearing this singlet? Who is he? Is he fancies about my downblouse exposure or my sideboob exposure? May be he likes looking up my bottom? I became extremely aroused because I have the feeling that he is secretly hiding somewhere and watching me intensely.

I could not resist but to reach underneath my singlet and found my pussy completely soaked and my nipples rock hard! I continued played with my aroused body until I achieved my orgasm!

Who is this man? What does he want?

My hubby? Most likely. He knew my size. But he has been with me a few times when I bought some of my sexy cloths. He doesn't have to be secretive now. May be he wanted to add on the fun?

Could it be CY, the young man lives opposite me? He knew about my exhibitionistic nature and we fucked before. We also occasionally sexting, teasing each other.

Or maybe it is Tim, CY's friend. I had similar experience with him like CY did.

All with possibilities, however the most likely would be my hubby, I told myself. bursa otele gelen escort bayan Although previously he did not reveal himself, but very likely it was him.

That night as usual he came back late evening and I received him at the door wearing that singlet.

I stroked a "is this what you like me to wear?" pose and he hugged me real hard and took his chance to squeeze my buttock, he gave me a few compliments about the singlet but did not say anything about him buying it. And the night continued with him staring more at me as I purposely exposed more of my body in front of him.

I have such a new excitement flashing my own husband! Am I a pervert?

I felt so happy and aroused when I knew he was watching me... sometime openly, some time secretly. My nipples quietly stiffen and my pussy turned moist.

Later when he was sitting on the sofa and I was cleaning the dining table he asked me to go over to him.

"Come here darling."

"What? Why?"

"Stand here."

He then seriously looking through my singlet from top to bottom.

"Turn around."

"What? Silly... what are you looking for? Anything wrong?" I asked him.

"Bend forward."

"Why? Bend like this?"

I bend forward slightly with my hands resting on my thighs.

"No... Legs straight."

"Like this?" I bend with my legs straight as told.

Then he reached his hands below my singlet and caressed my buttock.

"Ahhhh... Honey what are you doing?"

Then without warning he grasped my panties and pulled it all the way down to my ankle in one swift action.

"Ahhhh... What are you doing?"

I instantly tried to catch my panties on its way down my thighs but was too late.

My pussy leaked! This was the first time someone, also first time my hubby stripped my panties down without my consent! Strangely, I was aroused by such a disrespectful act upon me!

"You naughty... hehe... honey... help... help..." I giggled and pretend to get help.

I wanted to runaway but the panties at my ankle restricted my movement. He pulled my backward and I landed onto his lap and also landed on his hard manhood.

My hubby sudden action removing my panties added onto my already aroused state and I achieved a small orgasm as I landed onto my hubby's lap.


He cradled me from behind.

"Yes... darling..."

"You don't need your panties in the singlet..."

"Eeeee... no panties... so impolite... so naked..."

"But I like it... I know you like it too..."

"You do? You do like the singlet?" I was about the say "the singlet that you've bought me" but I decided to keep in silence.

"Yes... I like it!"

He began to caress my breasts and I began to slowly ground on his hard on.

"You like me to wear it without bra and panties like this... it's not covering my breasts properly... you see... and it's too short?"

"Yes... I like it no bra... no panties... not too short... it's just nice..."

"But a few time my breasts fallen out..."

"Yes... I saw it... that was so hot honey..."

"Ummmm... you're such a pervert... peeping at your own wife."

Our foreplay get hotter. He was sliding his hard dick along my ass crack.

"OK... I will wear it no bra no panties... just for you..."

"Honey... is my pussy showing?"

"Don't know... never mind..."

"Never mind? Ummm... You mean never mind even... even if my pussy might expose when I wear this singlet?"

My hubby has pulled down his shorts and released his hard dick.

"Yes... never mind... I like it..."

"Ummm... you pervert... like to watch your own wife's breasts and pussy showing... honey you are so hard!"

"Yes I am fucking hard now... honey... I love seeing you like this... you so fucking hot to night... you are such a showoff slut!"

"Ummm... you talk dirty... I am not a slut!" I objected and hid my blushed face in his chest. My hubby knew that I am a showoff "slut".

He then positioned my naked bottom onto his hard dick.

"You are wet honey! So wet!"

"Yes... you've made me so wet..."

His guided his cock head into my wet hole...

"Honey... just now when you pulled down my panties... ummmm."

My hubby drove his hard cock into my wet opening.


"What happened when I pulled down your panties?"

He pushed his hard cock into me while I drove my body deeper onto his manhood.

"Huhhh... when you pulled down my panties... without my approval... my pussy felt strange..."

"Strange? How strange?"

He slowly pulled his hard cock out of my bottom...

"My pussy leaked... you know? I felt my love juice leaked out!"

"That's why you are so wet honey... you like it don't you?"

"Ummm... no I am not."

"Yes... you do."

His cock re-entered my pussy and quickly slipped deep inside me.

"Honey... ummm... is that all right? That I like it? Am I a slut if I enjoyed it? Enjoyed you spontaneously stripping down my panties?"

I was not sure it was my imagination or it was real, I felt my hubby's cock grew even bigger as we talked.

"Honey... nothing wrong even you were to enjoy it... honey... I want you to be yourself... your true-self, even if you become a slut... my slut..."

"Honey, so I can wear something like this at home?"

"At home sure you can."
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